Abid Lakhani, MHC-LP

Mental Health Counselor located in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY

Abid Lakhani, MHC-LP

I think therapy benefits from an attitude of kindness and curiosity. Approaching exploration of yourself in a nonjudgmental and open manner can make it easier to increase your understanding of yourself. This understanding can create comfort and/or create grounds to make change.

My approach to therapy utilizes a narrative framework to explore what stories or perspectives are creating your reality. We can collaboratively examine which narratives feel most appropriate to prioritize exploring, based on factors like which ones are most distressing, interesting, or impactful.

Understanding a narrative that serves you and gives you strength can give you the knowledge to reinforce that presence in your life. Understanding a narrative that causes you strife, gives you an understanding of where your troubles are coming from, allowing you to choose to act and perceive otherwise. Together, we can explore and build your framework of narratives.