About Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services, PLLC

Psychotherapists based in Offered in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York.
Also serving clients virtually in Oregon and Massachusetts

Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services provides holistic mental healthcare that patients can easily access in the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn and the Union Square and Midtown areas in Manhattan. The exceptional psychotherapists and counselors in their New York City offices offer compassionate, culturally humble, and judgment-free therapy. They also provide virtual sessions in Oregon, and Massachusetts!

The team treats individuals and couples/relationship partners, whether they need guidance through life's challenges or a space to work directly on interpersonal relationships. Patients can choose from in-person visits or schedule telehealth appointments if preferred.

They also specialize in LGBTQIA+ services, including providing comprehensive care for transgender and gender-diverse people, such as therapy, letters of medical necessity for gender-affirming treatment, information about gender care options, and referrals to expert surgeons and medical providers.

Each Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services therapist has a different therapeutic style and training in integrating therapeutic approaches. Whether patients need help with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trauma, or any other mental health disorder, they craft personalized treatment plans by drawing from several evidence-based as well as new-wave modalities such as EMDR, IFS, Imago, and AEDP.

As an integrative practice, the team cares for all aspects of each person’s mental, emotional, behavioral, social, and physical health. They offer resources for other complementary wellness services, such as mindfulness, stress management, and yoga.

People needing mental health care can schedule individual therapy and couples and relationship therapy at Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services. The team cultivates close, long-term therapeutic relationships with diverse and underrepresented populations, such as those from creative subcultures, intersecting minority identities, and non-traditional lifestyles.

Don’t put off seeking help for mental health issues. Complete the online booking form today to schedule an appointment and learn more about their services.