We are a growing group practice looking to hire exceptional therapists and supervisors to join our team.
Open Positions: *Now Hiring Oregon and Massachusetts-licensed clinicians!
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Mental Health Counselor (Brooklyn, NY)
Mental health counselor (Brooklyn, NY) specializing in addictions and substance abuse with emphasis on the integrative approach and attachment-based therapy to improve mental health.
Duties and Responsibilities:

- Evaluate, counsel and advise adults with mental, emotional and/or substance abuse problems. - Collect information about clients through interviews, observation and tests to perform clinical assessments. - Develop, recommend and review treatment plans and strategies to overcome dependencies, adjusting to life and cope with the related problems. - Guide patients in the development of skills necessary to recover from their addiction and modify their behavior that interferes with their recovery; -Perform attachment-based interventions and crisis interventions to respond to emergencies and provide assistance. - Prepare and maintain records relating to clients' treatment and write evaluations and progress reports.
Skills and Qualifications:

Master's in Mental Health Counseling, NY State Licensure as a Mental Health Counselor, and six months of experience in substance abuse and attachment-based therapy. Send CV to: Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services PLLC

117 Dobbin Street, Suite 210, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Licensed Psychotherapists
-Fully licensed Psychologists, LCSWs, LMHCs, CSW, LICSW

-Min. 2 years of individual adult psychodynamic psychotherapy experience with clinical references

-Must be able to work a minimum of 15 hrs/week; 25+ is considered full-time and eligible for benefits

-Opportunity to run groups, seminars, continue your education, write blogs, manage social media, create a wellness service, or execute any passion you have!

-Must have exceptional administrative, professional, and clinical skills
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Pre-licensed Therapists
-Pre-licensed Psychologists (ABD or Post-doctoral level) or LMSWs (CSW-A or LCSW, state dependent) (NO MHC or MFT, LPC, etc. without a minimum of 3 years psychodynamic experience)

-Min. 1 year of individual adult psychodynamic psychotherapy experience with outstanding clinical references

-Must be able to work a minimum of 25 hours per week and attend weekly didactics and group supervision. Weekly individual supervision provided.

-Must not be employed in another clinical job

-Must have exceptional administrative, professional, and clinical skills
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Intake Coordinator (on hold)
First line of client care, initial registration of incoming clients, providing practice information and being an active part of our team!

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Providing initial registration, practice information and solutions for new and existing clients
- Maintaining and entry of new and existing client data and status in waitlist and EHR
- Coordinating verification of benefits with billing
- Assisting the scheduling needs of new and existing clients
- Answering new client inquiries via email and phone
- Maintaining HIPAA compliance
- Opportunity to help with social media and other activities!

Skills and Qualifications:

Computer literate and fluent with Google Workspace software
- Excellent attitude for customer service
- Working knowledge of medical office management and filing systems
- Excellent organizational and time management skills
- High school diploma or GED required, bachelor's degree or higher preferred
- Two or more years client intake, medical office administration, or customer service experience
- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
- Analytic and autonomous problem-solver
- Desire to work in a workplace inclusive to lgbtq+, neurodivergent, sex positivity, and all minorities
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Benefits of Employment at BIPS
-Health and dental Insurance for FT employees (80% coverage per employee, 20% for dependents)
-Continuing Education stipend
-Paid Time off, Unpaid Time off, Paid Sick Time
-Flexible schedule
-Remote positions, Office positions, or Hybrid
-401(k) after 1 year of employment
-Hands-on supervision (multiple orientations)
-Individual clinical niche development
-Fun, friendly, and super cool team!
-Other perks available, too many to name!