Breaking the “Rules” of Dating

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Tue, Feb 27th, 2024; every Tuesday for 12 weeks Click here to inquire!

A psychotherapy group tailored to single women seeking to identify their values and build confidence in their dating lives.


Honoring Your Attachment Style: Discover how your attachment style influences your approach to dating.

Values Clarification: Uncover what you truly want in a relationship and understand where those desires originate from.

Reclaiming Power and Learning How to Say No: Empower yourself in dating dynamics by establishing healthy boundaries and finding your voice.

Navigating Insecurity and the Inner Critic: Overcome self-doubt and comparisons that hinder your dating journey.

Decluttering the Noise: We'll help you sift through the overwhelming dating advice and debunk pop culture myths that may not align with your authentic self.

Dates: Beginning February 27th, 2024 ; Tuesday evenings 7:30-9pm

Location: In-person in our Greenpoint office

Fee: $60 per session, some insurance accepted. Discount available for multiple bookings.